Friday, December 30, 2011

January Painting Classes!

Tuesday is Watercolor Class and Wednesday is Oil Landscape! The New Year is bringing new art possibilities, and I'm revamping my lesson plans to offer more project ideas for students. You can see the photo of some of the paintings we'll be doing together in Oil class (the still life with the wine bottle is only partially done); if you don't care for the Landscape element of the day (Trees, skies, mountains, water scenes), I'll have another option for you to try, normally a simple still life. You can see the soft focus red flower still life in the center of the photo which is an example of what you can do in class!

I'll post more about the January Watercolor class also, the focus will be landscape and still life elements too!

If you're interested in these six week sessions in Fowler Park and Sharon Springs Park in Forsyth County, Georgia, you can call to reserve your spot at 770 781-2215 . Feel free to email me at kennedyartstudio if you have any questions about the class or the materials you need. As always, you can show up with no materials and borrow some of mine for the first class so you can get a better idea what to buy for the next week.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sunset at the Fish Cannery

This abstract is one I did a couple of months ago...I called it "Sunset at the Fish Cannery" because as I painted, it began to look like a city or a factory, and some of the glowing colors looked like sunset. It's always poignant how a beautiful sky can redeem even the most mundane and polluted landscape. You can see it in the work of some of the impressionists and their city scenes. Interesting to me, and a hopeful commentary on life and beauty. I hope God can pour his beautiful light on the dirtiness of my life!

The painting also became a bit of a cartoon, I enjoyed it as it looked more and more urban, and I imagined fish workers walking out of the factory in the evening. The workers being fish, that is, not humans, with lunch pails in their hands, I mean fins. Goofy.

I hope you enjoy!