Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Late Spring Florals

Delightful to get back into florals, and this little study is based upon Mom's rhodies. She's my source for these delightful blooms, and many more besides. Thanks, Mom!

You can get lost in these huge clusters of blooms, as you can with a huge handful of hydrangea...intoxicating and time-stopping. My favorite quote about flowers that comes in to mind is by the poet Theodore Roethke: "Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light." What a beautiful, poetic, mystical depiction of the idea that the ethereal and the celestial can hide inside of us. (Since, in my book, we're all flowers.)More on that later.

Pass along your thoughts on flowers and art, and let me know if you're interested in commissioning one! Here's my etsy store where you can see my latest paintings for sale, including this one.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Smokey and the Sun

Ha! Love it, caught Smokey in the Sun next to a small stack of paintings. I mean a stack of small paintings. I know, the paintings should neither be a) in the sun nor b) near a fuzzy cat. They won't be in the sun long, and the cat needs good art.

I'm dying to start a new series on florals. Flowers seem to be such perfect metaphors for people, I find the idea fascinating!

Here's hoping you have a painting to paint and a cat to pet. May God bless you with a sunny day and love to fill it!