Monday, March 7, 2011

Gardner's Hole Landscape

Almost done with this one, a fairly large landscape which has been a delight to paint. I've been trying to come up with simple landscapes to use as demos in my upcoming class in oil landscape (check out to see about this); this is not one of them, hah! It got a bit more detailed, and thanks Mom, for the photos from which this was taken. I've been getting more and more fascinated with alla prima painting, and even though this one has a bit more layering, it has been done largely wet-into-wet in a direct painting style. It's not quite done, and it's 22" by 28". Send me a note at if you're interested in this painting OR in landscape classes in the North Atlanta area!

What We'll Work on in Oil Painting Workshops this Spring

I thought this week I'd show you what we'll be working on in my Oil Landscape Class this spring at Midway Park in Cumming, Georgia. Those of you living in North Atlanta can come and sign up for six weeks of workshops in Oil technique: we'll spend a little time at the beginning of class working on a color mixing exercise, and then we will work together on the same simple landscape to get our LANDSCAPE CHOPS, yeah!!! All of the demos we'll be doing together are my own paintings, all done from photos I (or my mom!!) have taken. If you don't like copying another artists' work to learn in class, feel free to work on your own oil painting project, and I will tutor you in any way I can.

Anyway, one of the first classes will be focusing on this "alla prima" style painting (Alla prima being a direct painting method which will be my usual process). I find that alla prima-- working on one area wet-into-wet, then the next area (blending the edges together)fitting together the landscape elements together like a jigsaw puzzle--works well for a class setting, because being able to layer landscape elements is a rarity in a classroom setting. Drying would be the problem!!

Anyway, if you're in the North Atlanta or Cumming area and want to paint with us, send me a note or call 770 781-2215! We'll have a super time and lots of laughs!

Friday, March 4, 2011

And a New Watercolor Class coming up this Spring in the North Atlanta area!

Not to neglect this new class, too... Painting Landscape in Watercolor with me, Susan Kennedy. Another park in Forsyth County which has a wonderful community classroom. Come paint with me! We'll explore the fascinating medium of watercolor, do mini exercises on color mixing and technique, and will tackle a larger but simple watercolor landscape in each two hour class. Call 770 781-2215 to inquire or sign up, and click here to see a course outline, illustrations, a supply list, and other details.

New Oil Landscape Class with Susan in North Atlanta

Come paint with me! I'm so thrilled to be offering an all-new Oil Landscape class in Cumming Georgia, this time with the Parks and Recreation Department. We'll work on 6 simple landscapes and practice color mixing and technique. Feel free to come and work on your own projects...but if you click here you'll see the demos I'll be doing in class with you, summaries of some of the things we'll learn, and a supply list. Call (770) 781-2215 to inquire or sign up, and come paint and have a blast, these classes are very relaxed and SO MUCH FUN!!