Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What we're Working on This Week in Watercolor Class!

This week is Water! We'll be working on three simple treatments of water, and focusing on how to use wet-into-wet, wet-into-damp, and wet-on-dry for best effect. You can see the lesson notes with all of the illustrations if you click hereand I hope to have a video from this lesson posted on youtube later this week.

Watercolor landscape is a delightful exercise in letting go and accepting a project which will get away from you and take its own delightful direction. It's funny, after working in watercolor for years, you seem to be more objective and bemused about unexpected things that happen on your paper than you might have been earlier in the process.

If you're in the North Atlanta area and are interested in my classes with the Parks and Rec Department of Forsyth County, give them a call at 770 781-2215 or visit my website at . There will be two new Watercolor Sessions starting in late September and October!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Youtube Video on Watercolor Glazing...

I'm doing a few little paintings today, finishing up a few...thought I'd make a little video while I worked on the second layer of watercolor in this little oleander painting. I love love love the way that watercolor can be crystal clear, transparently glazed one color on top of another; it almost looks like stained glass.

If you're nuts about watercolor like me, you might enjoy my youtube videos, here's the link to this oleander painting and if you go to this youtube channelyou'll see all of my videos organized in one place.

Have a wonderful arty day! Susan

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Susan's Fall Show 2011!

You guys, this is my first online show in a while! Whew, it's a mess, too, I just kind of splashed the things up on my website, haven't even really described them a lot. But, if you click on the small photos, I tried to make their listings have a lot of photos and a little description of what's behind the paintings.

Lots of fall themes, that's why I named the collection "Sweet Autumn." And...I named it so because fall is my favorite season of all.

I hope you enjoy looking at my latest! They are truly works of love and freedom, more so than in the past. I hope the past few years of thinking and stewing, yelling and crying have been for a reason; I know that God's love has been what has kept my head from flying apart, and you can see some of the frustration and anger of the last few years in some of the works. Not many, but some.

Mostly the paintings are a reach back to what I love about landscape: beautiful light, softness and depth, a sense of mystery that draws you in and make you feel contemplative and whole.

May God bless you, my friends, this fall and later and may your own artistic journey be one which is satisfying, uplifting and delightful.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Miniatures once Again, Why would I do this?

Click here to see this little miniature of mine on etsy!
Sometimes I can't help painting miniatures! Why in the heck would I feel guilty about it? I don't get that. I feel that it's not respectable, or it's nit picky, which is not the kind of artist I want to be. I want to paint large, brash, luscious paintings, which are expressive and colorful!

But sometimes it's really therapeutic to get back to my roots and pick up a watercolor brush that has, oh, three hairs, put on my reading glasses (cheater, I know!) and paint tiny. It seems to enhance the sense of a different time, a memory, because it's able to be held in your hand and looked at closely.

And this painting is a memory, it's a rough approximation of the banks of the Amicalola River here in North Georgia, with a trout fisherman/fisherwoman that I imagined and put in there. Heck, don't even know if there are trout in the Amicalola. But I liked the figure, it looks shadowy and evocative.

Saw "Cowboys and Aliens" last night and it gave me a disturbed night's sleep, which I hadn't thought it would do. So violent! Yow!
More later, so do check back, and if you want to see all of my etsy paintings, you can click here.And do let me know if you're interested in commissioning a landscape!