Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hydrangea Abstract -ish Floral, And New Classes!

This new floral is on etsyright now, I veered closer to realism when we were working on some floral-inspired abstracts in class. My hydrangea bush is finally blooming a little more each year, and I do feel that I should be graced with lots and lots of the intoxicating blooms, because I LOVE TO PAINT THEM!!!

By the way, my next class in abstract oil starts this Saturday at Sharon Springs Park (you can see the details at the bottom of this class list document)or you can just call Forsyth County Parks and Rec at 770-781-2215 to sign up!

We'll be having sessions on composition, technique, working with a painting knife, all kinds of interesting and inspiring work with oils or alkyds. Come join us!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Expressionist Landscape

This one is so bleak and poignant to me, it's delicious! Delightful to paint quickly and expressively, I hope you feel the way I do about sortof allegorical paintings like this little one. Allegorical only in the sense that it seems so much a description of our clambering, sometimes difficult journey over peaks, valleys, rocks and water...and that moody sky which needs to be more encouraging in the next painting.

Whew! Get out your paints and show me your doodles! This one's on etsy at this listing, in case you want to see more of it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dragon Archipelago, Tiny Little Abstract on Etsy

I had been teaching watercolor class and got talking with my students about monotypes. When I noticed that my palette of paints looked prettier than my painting, they challenged me to make a print of it and turn it into something. So after having lifted it off the palette and found that the colors had lost a lot of punch, I started adding a few layers.

It begged for a bit of metallic paint, too, and ended up looking both like a dragon and like a chain of I named it "Dragon Archipelago and thought I'd show it to everyone.

Thanks for looking! If you want to see it in my etsy store, you can
click here.
Have a wonderful arty weekend and thanks for looking!