Monday, February 6, 2012

Doodles in Crayon and Marker

I thought I'd have fun finishing and posting some of my doodles, they are near and dear to my heart! I feel young and happy when I draw in crayon! Can't help it!! These little drawings on card stock actually start as scribbles, and the marker sometimes follows the lines of the scribbles. I like it when they end up looking like illustrations of a mythical story, or landscapes from another planet. This one ended up that way, and the scene seemed like thunderclouds and vistas in some extraterrestrial place. So much fun, and so expressive an exercise; you should try it!

I'm still teaching at Parks and Rec (but not drawing). However, there will be an experimental art class for teens coming up this spring, and more watercolor and oil classes. Go to and convo me if you have any questions about classes or other things! Have a loopy day and pick up a crayon!!