Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bird in a Stained Glass Garden

This one was a bit impulsive, an "end of the day" painting inspired by nothing more than the great gobs of paint that were going to get wasted. Here it is on etsy: Bird in a Stained Glass Garden It's nice when the colors themselves can carry you away and prompt the painting to go in different directions. the birds, however, usually impose themselves from my head, but that's ok: I think they usually work. It ended up reminding me of fiery colors at sunset, together with brights and mysterious deep places in a tended garden....hence the name "Bird in a Stained Glass Garden." I hope you enjoy looking! It's on etsy now and is a 16" x 20" alkyd on stretched canvas, with painted black edges. Quite a personality.

Here's hoping today brings inspiration and illuminating shafts of light. It's all beginning again, and I hope we're up to the challenge.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I'm working on: this Moonrise won't get out of my Head!

This one has been bothering me for weeks; we were driving down Tribble Road in North Georgia and as we rounded a curve the rising moon took our breaths away. Shannon called it a Harvest Moon, and it was gorgeously lit up by the sun setting on the opposite horizon, as were the trees. Love love love it when the sunset lights up a rising moon and its visual surrounding, it's always surreal and magical. Check that listing later to see the finished piece... hopefully will be done in a few days!

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