Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Oil Painting Classes for 2013 - A Lake Scene to Paint!

I'm thinking that this will be the painting new students will work on with me for the first class of 2013, which is January 10 ( a four week session running on Thursdays from 1-3 PM at Fowler Park in Forsyth County, Ga. You can call 770 781-2215 to sign up)

We've painted this one before in class, so it will be an option among two or three, so returning students will have something new to paint. But...a little water, a lot of sky, some trees: I'm thinking a lake or river scene. Just got some super photos at the Amicalola River walkway, so one of those will definitely be on the menu. I bring reference photos for my students, which are theirs to keep.

Watery scenes always are the ones that make everyone happiest! Not too much layering, just a bit. It's hard to paint in any manner other that "alla prima" (all at once, or direct painting) in class because of the difficulty of painting wet-into-wet with oils. So most of the time your brush will be hitting the white (or primed, if you wish!) canvas with what's close to your final colors.

We'll be scrubbing in a thin layer of straight, unthinned paint for the water area and the tree area, so I guess I should call our approach in class "modified alla prima". A thin, pasty under layer, with highlights placed on top.

We have a blast in class, so come join us! You can even show up at the last minute with your materials (bring a 16 x 20 canvas, or if you like, one a bit smaller). Here's the supply list . Don't worry, if you want to come with just a handful of brushes and a canvas, you can borrow my paints for the first class.

Paint like crazy in the New Year!!!

email me at kennedyartstudio @ if you have any questions (you'll have to take out the spaces)