Monday, April 1, 2013

Lots of new paintings for Susan's Oil Class and Watercolor Class starting this week!

I'm looking forward to Watercolor and Oil, both new April sessions starting this week! 
Watercolor (Tuesdays in April, starting Apr 2, from 1-3 PM at Old Atlanta Park) will have a few exercises you might enjoy: the leaves, possibly a pansy, mini exercises in working washes, and a quick simplified sketch of the dog in the waves, some of which you can see reference photos for below.

Here's a list of the materials we use, but if you don't have them yet, you can come anyway for the first session and use some of mine.

supply list

The first Oil class will be the Edisto Marshy inlet scene you see a reference photo for below:

Oil Class will be from 1-3 PM Thursdays in April at Fowler Park (provided there are signups)

Just join us, even at the last minute, for watercolor; they'll let you sign up at the last minute at the front desk on your way in. As far as Oil class, it will proceed as long as there are three or four signups, and I'm not sure whether we have that yet, so call right away!

The Parks number is 770 781-2215 or you can stop by any Parks and Rec location that has a front desk.

Also, there's a new 4-week May session (both Watercolor and Oil) coming up right after April's session, so if you want to dig in to painting for 8 weeks running, you'll be able to do that straight through from April to May!

See you there!!
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