Friday, May 25, 2012

Shannon's Cat Greeting Card

I had to show you Shannon's new greeting card! A printable digital file on etsy...she's a super photographer, and it's one very photogenic cat...
Her etsy item is right here ...very cool idea. You buy the digital file and print it up however many times you like, it whatever way you like. Making it easier to do more cat related things, RIDICULOUS! But they're so pretty!

Friday, May 11, 2012

More Juicy Abstracts!

I love painting these expressionist abstracts, they mean so much to me! You can see it here on my Etsy store; it's tiny and a blast to paint like this with a tiny painting knife. Thanks, Shannon, for the inspiration with all those knifey materials.

I guess if you look at the etsy listing you'll see some more of the explanation behind this little one, but it's one of dozens of similar landscapes that keep coming out of my head! They're always about journey, and bravery, and acceptance, and God. Not even sure in what way, but that is what makes me look at them and think, even though I'm the one who painted them!

A landscape is best, to me, when it implies a traveler, and the cool thing about abstracted landscapes is that there is no detail to shout for attention. No reference photo to look for, no map to look at. Only the impressions of motion, change, and the humanness of our trek through these colorful places. I hope you feel the sense of joy, acceptance, love of God, and love of beauty that I mean for these to convey!

You can see all of my current work at