Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Easy Painting Workshops this summer!

There are some upcoming Easy One Day Workshops this summer! You can sign up at Parks and Rec you guys, or call 770 781-2215. I hope to have even more new paintings for private painting parties and Parks workshops this fall and winter. Workshops Flier  The cost is $39 and it includes all of the materials, so come and have fun checking out the painting scene!

I've been painting more and more, I'm dividing my time between abstraction and realism, I guess I'll never grow up and pick one or the other! I've also been teaching small painting workshops at senior centers in the Johns Creek and Alpharetta area. It's been quite a learning curve! 

With a family wedding coming up in two weeks, I'm snowed for a little while, but hope to hear from you and list about a million paintings on ebay and elsewhere this summer. Send me a note and have a terrific summer!


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