Friday, April 10, 2015

New Paintings on Ebay, my gallery for the time being! Abstract Painting Landscape and small watercolor paintings too

You guys, I'm putting a big pile on Ebay again, boy it's cleanup time. I'm unhappily turning into an abstract painter, but still don't see why I should let go of landscape. Ha, I'm writing a little book about it. It's probably easy to tell that the abstracts have my interest, they just seem more narrative and poetic than the realist landscapes. Why, I just don't know. I guess a landscape can tell a story, but it's not as impulsive and easy as an abstracted landscape or a pure abstract. Which my daughter insists I NEVER do. are a couple that are there in my ebay listings.

Even a floral:

If you'd like to look at them all (they're all for sale, in fact please just make me a fair offer!) you can look here. Thanks, and check in later!

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