Thursday, May 14, 2015

Painting a Dump Truck and Liking it

You can tell I'm in my artistic adolescence...I'm destroying old paintings and painting dump trucks and abstracts! (see dump truck above). I'm having such a blast digging through piles of - literally - hundreds of paintings, altering some, finishing all, putting lots of ebay (look for seller "susankennedy")...I'm becoming worried that I'm going to drop dead and my poor husband or children will have to dig through my mess and wonder why I had to be so disorganized. BUT... it IS getting better! 

I think I'll post next about changing the landscape below from a very simple oil demo done for class, into a fresher knife painted landscape/abstract which is more fun. I think I did this to about eight paintings yesterday, my kitchen was a mess. 

Smiling. Check out all of the ones which have made it to my "Make an Offer" ebay listings by clicking here, or just go to ebay and search for ebay seller "susankennedy". Thanks for looking!

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